Team Humanity Water Well Project Water Well Project

For Every Person, Safe Water

Everyone has a right to have access to safe drinking water and sanitation. However, nearly 400 million people in Africa live under extreme water insecurity. Due to poverty, climate change, and growing population, African countries are under extreme stress to meet the basic water demand.

Without these fundamental needs, the lives of millions of people, especially women and children, are at risk. Safe drinking water and sanitation are essential for their survival and development.

Can you imagine a day without water?

No water to drink or wash your body. Lack of water leads to the spread of various diseases. People in Africa are confined to the never-ending cycle of poverty! Living in a region focused on the extreme need for clean water to maintain survival.

Our Involvment

Team Humanity USA is on the ground helping the most vulnerable communities in Africa by building water well systems in remote areas and providing safe access to clean water daily.

As a part of the outreach programs, Team Humanity USA commits to implementing basic access to water services across Africa by the end of 2022.

Our initial project started in Kenya. By building water wells in various villages that currently don’t have access to a continuous clean water supply, we alleviated water scarcity and saved children from suffering from water-related diseases.

Through our project, each water well built in various villages in Kenya, Africa will provide 500 people daily access to clean and safe water.

  • They will be able to have better hygiene.
  • The water scarcity will control the spread of various diseases.
  • Infant mortality rates will decrease.
  • There will be improved food scarcity.
  • Their future prospects will improve.

Our goal is to improve the water supply for African countries by delivering clean and safe water to communities in need. We promise to create water wells in Africa that will support and promote a healthy living environment and reduce unnecessary suffering from waterborne illnesses.

Supporting The Cause

When you give to build a well, you give clean water needed to sustain life. Your involvement is necessary to ensure access to safe water for all. Your small monthly donation can help us tremendously and improve the lives of thousands. Give today and build a future for African communities in water crises.