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Emergency Appeal To Support Ukraine

Ukraine is under attack, leaving innocent civilians in extreme danger. More than five million Ukrainians have already fled the country in search of safety. Thousands of women, children, and families continue to flee daily. There is great need for emergency evacuation transport, shelter, food, and aid.

Our team is on the ground in Ukraine providing women, children, and elderly with life-saving essentials that they need. We utilize our buses which aid in transportation from territories occupied by Russian forces. As tension increases in Ukraine, time is becoming scarce. We need to act extremely fast to continue to ensure safe evacuations. This is why we need you. We need your help to continue assisting, evacuating, and transporting innocent civilians to safe territories. Please support our efforts by donating to our cause. Your donations will go directly to support families in desperate need of transport, shelter, and humanitarian aid.

If you’ve been wondering, "How can I help Ukrainians?" ow is your chance! The people of Ukraine are going through something we collectively cannot fathom. Trying to escape a conflict is not an easy feat and can be dangerous. That is why Team Humanity USA exists. Our focus is to help people who are in need. When you help Ukraine, you are helping innocent civilians who have lost and left their whole life behind. Make a difference in the world by advocating against violence. Now is the time to stand up and provide help to those in need.

Thank you for all your support! We stand Together for HUMANITY!