Team Humanity Afghanistan Emergency Appeal Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

The Afghan conflict continues to destroy lives and pushes tens of thousands of people into displacement.

As the international evacuation from the Kabul airport has ended, Afghan families have no choice but to flee from their homes and country. They are in great need of timely and safe access to humanitarian assistance. Terror and violence are spreading over the cities across Afghanistan. Access to food, markets, water, and basic health services has been cut off. The country's infrastructure, including electricity and water systems, has been destroyed.

More than 1 million people displaced by the conflict and frequent natural disasters continue to endure dangerous conditions and need humanitarian assistance. Today, the country’s extreme poverty and inequality, political instability, and violence have pushed people out of their homeland. The fear of being persecuted and desperate for a better life, millions of Afghans remain in need of support.

How does Team Humanity USA help in Afghanistan?

The conflict has had a devastating impact on the livelihood and safety of women and girls. They continue to be at high risk of violent attacks. Our team is focused on evacuating vulnerable families in Afghanistan. With our efforts, Afghan families receive life-saving support, as well as much needed recovery assistance. We are staying committed to protecting and supporting vulnerable families and providing needed assistance during the crisis.

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